Thursday, April 12, 2012

51st silliman university national writers workshop fellows

Finally, after five long years, there’s a Sillimanian in this summer’s Silliman University National Writers Workshop. Five years. I remember finding myself wide-eyed at being surrounded by amazing people (in all shapes and sizes) in that workshop last 2008, my first, and comforted at the thought that writing was something I’d really love to do. Even though I personally don’t know my next-in-line, I still find it a great relief. Also, congratulations to Debbie and the rest of the fellows!


National Writers Workshop Director-in-Residence Rowena Tiempo Torrevillas and Silliman University are pleased to announce that the following writers have been accepted as fellows for the 51st Silliman University National Writers Workshop scheduled on April 30-May 18, 2012 at the Silliman University Rose Lamb Sobrepeña Writers Village, Camp Lookout, Valencia.

For Poetry

CD Borden (University of San Carlos)
Deborah Rosalind Nieto (University of Santo Tomas)

For Fiction

Michael Aaron Gomez (Silliman University)
Thomas David Chavez (Philippine Normal University)
Michelle Abigail Tiu Tan (Ateneo de Manila University)
Christian Tablazon (University of the Philippines–Diliman)
Timothy James Dimacali (University of the Philippines-Diliman)
Ma. Vida Frances Cruz (Ateneo de Manila University)

For Creative Non-Fiction

Hazel Meghan Hamile (University of the Philippines–Mindanao)
Zendy Victoria Sue Valencia (University of Santo Tomas)

For Drama
Karlo Antonio David (Ateneo De Davao University)


Anonymous said...

only 11? isn't it 12 fellows?

f. jordan said...

: No, it's usually 15. But the number changes every now and then.

Tobey said...

aww, none of my friends got in. O_O (not that I have many friends who applied.)

f. jordan said...

: I expected to see other familiar names, too, but sadly they didn't get in. Sayang.

But there's always next time. The second or third try would (hopefully) be sweeter.