Monday, April 16, 2012

holy boholy! here's a reflection!

I was in my hometown last holy week. On the first day of being free from the doldrums of the metro, an acquaintance of mine asked, what would you be doing? My immediate response was, of course, I’d be enjoying it like any other vacation I’ve had. Out of religious partiality or maybe something else, another question was set forth on the table: I thought you’d be reflecting. The week is for reflecting, right?

Hey, I think I have reflected too much Jean Piaget would be proud of my egocentricity. Besides, reflection is practiced (or should be practiced) every day, not only in this particular week. For how could anyone learn the weavings of living if ruminations are limited for six or seven days? Sometimes, I just couldn’t help but laugh at some of these age-old traditions.

So for the long holiday, forgive me, I opted for leisure. Armed with new music from Kimbra, Moonface, TV Girl, Beach House, Ramona Falls, and Coldplay, I went back to my favorite beach in Panglao, dipped in pools when the former was not enough, feasted in new food spots around town, stood as parent for a dear fellow’s college graduation, received truths that were unbelievable to grasp, listened to my sister and nephew play the piano beautifully, bonded with family over games of Scrabble, Monopoly, Boggle, and many more. I even made cupcakes and other desserts (along with three pairs of hands) in long afternoons. Fortunately, they were a success.

I could rattle out a hundred reasons why I did what I did, but I think this is enough: at my age, I have to know what is important to me, know who are important to me, and stick to them. This is one reflection I could share to anyone. For now.

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