Friday, June 04, 2010

how sleep can be defined

Sleep? What is sleep but a still moment of escape,
a practice suspended in litmus clouds, or clouds
that could be cumulonimbus, or stratus in layers
levitating like sheets of linen above closed eyes,
where light could sift through their folds and head
to corners and creases and places night holds.

Sleep! The epilogue that the waking eye holds!
Defined by circles they create, those that escape
conventions of space, all forms of sleep head
to where they are contentedly in a blur: clouds.
This has a reason: dust, street and spires tire the eyes,
Glass buildings split and slice the body in thin layers.

Does one really need mirrors to face layers
upon layers of one’s self, wherein one hand holds
the multiplicity of sameness, gripping the eyes
with images so grand no marvel could escape
before sleep arrives? No, what are needed are clouds:
Real but invisible to touch, like thoughts in the head.

Some say sleep does not appoint dream as the head,
the principal in every meditation, since it layers
itself with plausible elucidations on living, it clouds
logic, lifebuoy of occasional foolishness. Yes, it holds
some truth: dreams give the wrong reason to escape,
they trick people not to look with their own eyes.

Query: Why trouble on things not seen with the eyes?
Response: Answers are buried beneath the head.
Query: But why trouble on intricate plans of escape
to dreamscapes when in fact truth lies in layers
of falsehood, in patterns? Response: the sleeper holds
too much weight he wishes to rest on the ninth set of clouds.

Sleep comes not only at night; it heralds the clouds
as day visits, like one morning a man sees them, eyes
them skimming the sun over skylines, in bed that holds
him, cradles him in the next hours ,where his head
rests on layers of blanket, of blankets in layers.
He closes his eyes, defines sleep, there is no escape.

Nothing holds certainty as beautifully as sleep, to escape
With eyes closed in peace, not just to see between the layers
Of random thoughts where clouds set sail and head.


Rhodge said...

I likey!

f. jordan said...

Sobrang galing ng comment mo ah. So profound; it would surely help me a lot when I revise the poem.

Rhodge said...

I-te-text ko kasi sana ung comments ko, kaya lang may tinakot pa akong bata... Nalimutan ko tuloy hehe.

Ayun, may mga thought sa isang part na nabanggit na sa ibang part din. May parts na puwedeng pagsamahin para magka-impact lalo ung thought (Parts 1 and 2).

I'm not sure pa if "progressive" ung thought per part, na pagdating sa huling part, parang boom! Unfortunately, the last part is weak since it served as a "summary" of the things talked about sa mga naunang bahagi.

This poem can be tighten pa.

Ayun, eto lang muna, Jordan! :)

rhodge said...

Sorry, sestina nga pala ito.
Erase ung comment na weak ung last part. Haha!

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Awesome poem.. I liked it.. Interesting this one..